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7-Days of Guided Devotions to Bring You Peace. 

Find Peace In The Bible
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  • 7-days of devotions delivered each morning.
  • Daily actions for you to take.
  • Emails & on-demand devotions!
  • 40% of Profits Donated!~ (You vote on the charity)
  • Just $7 (aka, $1/day)

Just $7 (aka, $1/day)

These 7-day devotions are AMAZING. You receive an email and you are reading the devotion. I buy every one!

Joel O'brien

First Devotion Begins As Soon As You Log In!

Should I Join? Yes.. If


  • You want to have an impact (40% of Profit Donated)
  • You want to join the countless others who have been through this 7-day journey. 
  • You have $7


How are devotions delivered?

You will receive an email every day of the challenge prompting you to log in. You will get 

Are devotions Adventist specific?

No, they are for anyone looking to have guided devotions.

Where does the 40% donation go?

Yes! We donate 40% of profits to a nonprofit of your choice. Once you are in the daily devotion, you will have the option to vote for which nonprofit you would like to give towards. 

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any refunds for our 7-day devotion.