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Adventist Bachelor Party Ideas (17 Great Examples)

These 17 Ideas will be heaps of fun for all of your groomsmen, Adventist or not!

The goal of any Adventist Bachelor Party is to have as much fun as possible while still adhering to all morals, ethics, and commitments made.

We have ranked each bachelor party idea according to this criteria

  • Maximum number of people
  • Level of skill required (1-5)
  • Cost.

Read details about each one below!

  1. Deep-Sea Fishing,
  2. Play With A Semipro,
  3. High end Go Carting 
  4. Nascar Experience 
  5. Amazing Race In a new town 
  6. Scavenger Hunt 
  7. Mini Cruis 
  8. Go Camping 
  9. Skiing 
  10. Rent a beach house 
  11. Video Game Party
  12. Paintball
  13. Sky Diving 
  14. Ropes Course
  15. Rent dirt bikes and send it 
  16. Volunteer at a cool nonprofit 
    • Active Museum
    • Find a Gala
  17. Dont have an event (Next level party twist)

Deep-Sea Fishing
One of the more expensive Adventist bachelor party ideas as a deep-sea charter usually costs $800-$2500 for a day of fishing. This does include your food and entertainment for up to 6 people which is still a great option for smaller bridal parties.

Deep-Sea fishing could be epic! you havent lived until you have battled a fish on a line!

Play with A Semi-Pro
If he is a sports fan & plays a sport this might be the best option for your groom. This will be the hardest to coordinate depending on your sport of choice but with a little research you can probably track down a pro nearby who would be willing to play a game for a few hundred dollars.

High-end Go Carting
K1 speedways and Xtreme Indoor Gocarting are two of the largest companies that provide the most bang for your buck! The best part about this is that you can have as many friends come as you would like! Have only 4 other groomsmen but 100 people wanting to hang out, this is your best bet! It usually costs around 25$ per session but you can also book per hour, so make sure to mention you are having a party and call ahead.

Nascar Experience
You do not need to be into Nascar to love this. It includes fast cars, tight turns, and lots of fun. Nascar allows you to purchase a day on the track where you can learn to race, pit, and corner like a pro. This is going to be up there with deep-sea fishing, so be prepared to pay a lot for this.

Amazing Race in Your Wedding City
If you arent familiar with The Amazing Race, it is a TV show that travels around the world doing amazing games in cool locations. This list provides you with a few great ideas that can be adapted for your city (Link to Amazing Race Ideas)https://lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.com/2016/03/how-to-plan-amazing-race-party-and-more.html

Scavenger Hunt
Finding things can be a great adventure. Hiding them can be even more fun. You can create a list of things to find in your area as well as hide a few treasures for your groom to pick up. Then go for it! This list will give you a great starting point. https://www.goosechase.com/blog/planning-a-scavenger-hunt-for-adults/

Mini Cruise
If you are near the water, there is most likely a one night or evening cruise you can book it also usually will allow for a larger group to attend!

You can have a great time with a couple of tents, mixings for haystacks, and campfire wood! It’s also usually cheap!

A ski weekend is a great way to celebrate any marriage! Just watch out for the costs, they can add up quickly. Rentals + ski passes + food + lodging = A lot!

Beach House Rental
If you have a beach nearby…. Look at if you can rent a beach house, go surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving from the house! It will be an epic time!

Video Game Party
Requires having everybody be into video gaming and want to spend hours on end gaming it up. It can be a great time if everyone is involved! When a few people do not like videogames you are out of luck.

A personal favorite of everyone here. The best part about paintballing is that everyone can participate at their level, they just might lose! Watch out for the groom. You dont want any welts on his precious face.

Sky Diving
A classic for all wedding parties. Usually costs around $200

Pictures might run you an extra $200 so keep that in mind!

Ropes Course
Ropes courses can really stretch your trust in life. Try to find a ropes course that caters to parties of adults. They will have great ways to make it fun for everyone… did someone say blindfold the groom?

Rent Dirt Bikes and Send it
There is nothing like having fun on some new trails at your wedding location. If everyone isn’t comfortable on a dirt bike they usually also have quads. Not wanting to go it alone? They will usually have tours where they can guide you!

Will these work if some are not Adventists?

Yes, all our ideas are for everyone! These just fit within the Adventist “fun having” guidelines

How much should we spend on a Bachelor party?

Try to keep everything within a budget. $100-$250 per person would be a great range for a good time!

Should we go to a strip club?

Absolutely Not! That is basically committing adultery.

Volunteer at a nonprofit
Find a Gala or nonprofit event and volunteer for the evening. Lots of nonprofits have high-end events. You can dress up be fancy, eat good food, be in a nice location without spending a dollar. You can also serve a great cause!

Dont Have A Bachelor Party
You could just ask for money and say I’m not having a bachelor party, ask you, friends, to donate to a cause you love, or just save your friends and family the stress by asking for them to save the money!

Save the Cash!

Whatever you decide to do at your Adventist bachelor party, just remember why you are there. To support the bride and groom & have a great time! Also, remember to not go overboard. Its really easy to try new things and go big since its the last time with your boys. But just dont.

Staying within your comfort zone (or just outside), allows your groom to be ready on his big day. Also, he can be confident in your abilities to plan an amazing party because you now have this list of Adventist Approved Bachelor Party Ideas.