Is Adventism a Cult? – Answers To All Questions

Is Adventism a Cult? – Answers To All Questions

Seventh-Day Adventism is a religion that remains mysterious to a lot of people. It lies on the outskirts of awareness, showing up in the news only intermittently – for example, when Seventh-Day Adventist Ben Carson ran for president back in 2016. The group has sometimes been labeled a cult, especially by more mainstream Christian groups. But is it?

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Really….. what is Adventism?

Adventism started in 1844 making it a very young religion. Other religions have been arround forever and have entire volumes written on the topic. 

Enter we are answering the basic Adventist questions in an easy to read way. 

Every Artice Includes

  1. Three sentence answers to your Adventist question.
  2. What the Bible says
  3. Why Adventists do what they do
  4. What other religions believe in the topic
  5. Related Resources 

Education Facilties

Fundamental Beliefs


Health Message


Adventism is an odd beast, but there are a few things that it is known for. 

There are lots of odd quirks about Adventism. But there are a few things that hold them true. Diet, Education, Hospital, International, & Beliefs 

  • Diet & Exercise
  • Educational System
  • International NGO Work
  • Progressive Beliefs