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All You Ever Need To Know About Adventist Beliefs

Adventism is evolving every day. A fairly new religion, but one that has lots of nuance, feeling, and politics! 

Frequent Questions

Do Adventists Drink Coffee or ...?

Adventists are not explicitly against coffee. A large percentage of SDAs do drink coffee. 

Do Adventists Eat Meat, Pork, Etc?

SDA diets can range greatly. Most do not eat Pork or Shellfish, but a large majority eat ‘clean meats’. 

How do Adventist's compare to Catholics?

They are very similar when it comes to the books they agree upon. But interpretation can be much different.

Do Adventists Drink Alcohol or Smoke Weed?

Adventists are do not drink (for the most part). Weed is hot new topic that is hard to get a straight answer about.

Do Adventists Pray?

Yes, just like many other religions prayer is a key part of the religion. Although SDAs are mostly private prayers as opposed to public prayers.

Do Adventists Have SEX?

Contrary to popular belief Adventists do have sex. It’s just not spoken about in the church. Just like most religions Sex = Taboo 

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