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List of All Adventist Musicians **With Spotify Links

This is a complete list of all Adventist musicians. It is ordered from most popular to least popular. 
If you think of another artist to add, please send us an email. 

Adventists are known for their education system which often leads to a few great musicians. These are a few of the most popular mainstream Adventist artists, bands, and musicians. 

Take 6
Take 6 is a six-man acapella group that sings gospel-style Christian music. Their sextet group can be enjoyed anytime during the day! View Spotify Profile

Most well known for winning the first season of the sing-off. This Accapella group is great to listen to on a Saturday afternoon, a commute home from work or on your way to church! View Spotify Profile


Ivor Myers
If you are an Avid 3abn listener you most likely have heard Ivor Myers show. He used to be a rapper but now spends his time as an Adventist Pastor.

Heritage Singers
American gospel group founded by Max & Lucy Mace
Founded by Max and Lucy Mace, this band/conglomerate of singers is always changing their members in doing so, you can hear them develop different styles over the years. Most likely you might know a few grandparents who are avid Heritage Singer fans who might exclusively listen to their music. View Spotify Profile

Winner of the second season of NBC’s The Sing-Off
Committed made a wave by winning the second season of The Sing-Off. Nota, paved the way by taking the first season and committed pulled up the rear. Although they do not have an extensive archive of music, their music is refreshing and energizing to listen to. View Spotify Profile

Kevin Olusola
Cellist and beatboxer, member of Grammy Award-winning a cappella group Pentatonix. View Spotify Profile

Part of Salt-n-peppa American rapper & songwriter who baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church on a mission trip in Ethiopia with Oakwood College. View Spotify Profile

Notable Mentions (No Descriptions ☹️)

Del Delker
American contralto sacred music female vocalist who sang on the Voice of Prophecy[101][102]

Leonardo Gonçalves – Brazilian singer

King’s Heralds – American male gospel music quartet[105][106]

Jaime Jorge – Cuban American violinist

Little Richard
Raised in the church; later became a preacher; attends the Ephesus Adventist church in Los Angeles and others; still considers himself an active Adventist still; has been reported as an ordained Adventist minister,[111] although the denomination has denied this, suggesting he may be ordained in another denomination, hence ordained and Adventist; rather than ordained as an Adventist minister, he came back to the church, been rebaptized and he shared his personal testimony on 3ABN.

Joe Lutcher
American R&B saxophonist and bandleader who abandoned his musical career and witnessed to Little Richard