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List of All Adventist Podcasts (with links)

List of All Adventist Podcasts (with descriptions)


1.Adventist History Podcast


This is hosted by Matthew Lucio. It talks about the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

2. Adventist Review Podcast


This is the official magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is the podcast version of this newsmagazine.


3. Adventist World Podcast


This is a subsidiary of the Adventist Review Ministries. The Adventist World Podcast is like an extension of the official magazine.

4. CONNECTED Adventist


This podcast is hosted by Catalina Arevalo. It is about the connection that Adventist have to the Holy Spirit. What the world thinks about the Adventist and what the Adventists think about one another.

5. Adventist Voices by Spectrum: The Journal of the Adventist Forum


This is a companion to Spectrum. The podcast is about the journal established to encourage the Adventists to participate in the discussions.

6. Beaverton Adventist Church Podcast


This podcast is a compilation of the sermons of the Beaverton Adventist Church. It was discovered by www.beavertontonsda.com.

7. Adventist Millennial Podcast


This podcast talks about the millennial Adventists. There are other members who also shared their experiences in this podcast.

8. The Badventist


This podcast is about how Bryan and Anthony tested the new and old beliefs. It is also available on Podcast App and Apple podcast.

9. Disruptive Adventism

This podcast talks about the interruptions of life. It focuses on bringing another way of thoughts to life that disrupt Adventism. 

10. Adventist Peace Radio

This is about conversations with Adventist Peace Fellowship. It features presentations, interviews and sermons.

11. Aus Table Talk


This is about the discussions you wish to have from church. It’s hosted by five guys who are doing bible study to explore their faith.

12. Sabbath School Podcast


It is the podcast version of the weekly Bible study guides. It to help the Adventist to follow through this guide.

13. Hope Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship of Moore


This podcast is about the Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship of Moore sermons. Hosted by Pastor Kevin Bruce.

14. Orion-Oxford Seventh-day Adventist


This is the podcast of the sermons made from the Orion-Oxford Seventh-day Adventist. It is for the Adventist in this area.

15. Adventist Reflections


The podcast is about the Seventh -day Adventist reflections. It was hosted by Dr. Danzie who shares interpersonal reflections.

16. Stuff Adventist Should Know


It is hosted by Nick Hausted. This podcast talks about how the church really works for the Adventist.

17. Forest Lake Church Sermon Podcast


This podcast is the sermon for the Forest Lake area. This can help you to catch up with the sermon if you were unable to attend the church personally.

18. Sermons at Castle Rock SDA Church


This is Castle Rock SDA church sermon for this who missed it. Or if you simply just want to hear it again.

19. Bangor Seventh-day Adventist Church


This podcast covers the weekly sermon. It is for the Bangor SDA church to hear the weekly sermon.

20. Triad Adventist Fellowship


This is about the Triad Adventist Fellowship which is a non-traditional SDA Church. This is based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

21. Dalton Seventh-day Adventist Church


Get blessed by the sermon of Dalton SDA Church. This podcast will help you better understand the weekly Sabbath sermons.

22. Aus Table Talk l Adventist Conversation


This podcast talks about the things you wish you can talk about in church. It’s a discussion about non-conventional topics about the SDA Church.

23. Visalia Seventh-Day Adventist Church


This is a podcast headed by Pastor Chad Stuart and Ricky Schwarz with the team of elders. There are also some guest speakers every week as they share about their faith.

24. Adventist Fellowship Podcast


This is where the events are being discussed and asked biblical questions. It is also where weekly sermons is being shared.

25. Adventist On Fire


This is a podcast that is hosted by Kyle Morrison. It’s covers interviews, tips and training based on SDA Church.

26. AWR English – Nairobi / East Africa


This podcast is a daily English radio program. It is for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Africa.

27. Adventist Review: Cliff’s Edge [Weekly Podcast]

It’s an English weekly podcast by the Adventist Review Magazine. This is the spoken version of what the Review covers.

28. The Living Remnant Podcast


It is a podcast about the Adventist lifestyle. It will help you to have a better quality of your life.

29. LLUC Podcast 


This podcast is from Loma Linda University Church in California. It also shares the weekly Saturday service.

30. Middletown Seventh-day Adventist


This podcast is about a different approach and finding different ways to reach out the people. The Middletown SDA Church helps people along with their journey.

31. Loma Linda Korean SDA Church – English Ministry


This podcast is the weekly sermon from Loma Linda Korean SDA Church. It is in English for others to understand.

32. Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church


This is the podcast of the Azure Hills SDA Church. The church is based in Grand Terrace, California.

33. Seventh-day Adventist Community Church 


If you missed one of the weekly sermons, you can catch up from this podcast. You can also just refresh your memory by listening to this.

34. Advent Next Podcast


This podcast is aiming to help the future generations. It is made for God-seekers to help them discuss the Bible in a deeper perspective.

35. Adventist Reflexions


Hosted by Dr. Danzie. This podcast will help you understand about the SDA church better. 

36. Waynesboro (Va.) Seventh-day Adventist Church


If you are not able to attend the Saturday service, you can still Listen to that sermon you missed from Last week.

37. Gracepoint Adventist Church


This is a podcast for the Gracepoint SDA church. You can easily access the sermons from here.

38. Downey Seventh-day Adventist Church


The weekly Sabbath service for Downey SDA church. Never miss another sermon again.

39. Tullahoma Adventist Church Sermon


It is a podcast about the Tullahoma SDA church.You kind find the weekly sermon from here if you like to hear it again.

40. Cambridge Seventh-day Adventist Podcast

This podcast is made by the Cambridge SDA church. It’s a compilation of the sermons done from Sabbath.

41. Podcast Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church

It’s a podcast for the SDA church to help others. If you are just starting from the Bible studies, you can get helpful guides here.

42. Be love l The Togetherness Inspired Podcast – Adventist Health


This is an inspiring podcast about love and togetherness. It also talks about how to take care of your health as an Adventist.

43. Podcast Help l Adventist Theological Society


It’s a podcast that talks about the Theological Society. This will help you have a clear perspective about the SDA church.

44. Living Remnant An Adventist Lifestyle Podcast


The Living Remnant is based on the SDA Principles. It will teach you how to live a lifestyle that will help you lead a better life.

45. Adventist Mission Podcast


This is a podcast about the SDA church mission all over the world. It tells of the story about every places where one person travel to share the word of God.

46. Samedi Amba Podcast


It’s hosted by Samedi Amba. This podcast share SDA church songs and other happenings.

47. Absurdity – Adventist Podcast


The podcast is hosted by Ryan Beck. He invites guests to share their thoughts about the SDA church.

48. Shalom Seventh-day Adventist Church


You can hear more Bible studies from this podcast. Grow your faith by knowing more about thee SDA Church.

49. Belleville Seventh-day Adventist Church


This podcast is about the weekly Sabbath sermon from the Belleville SDA Church. You can access it every week if you want to hear it again.

50. Sabbath School Study Hour


You will get the in-depth biblical insight from this podcast. Just get into the Bible to make your faith grow more.