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The Adventist Church Has a Logo (and Here’s What it Means!)

The cross is the universal sign of Christianity, but Seventh Day Adventism goes one step further–with its own unique “logo” that represents the Cross, the Bible, the Sacrifice, and the Second Comming!

You’ve probably seen this symbol floating around and wondered what the heck it even means. Well, we’re here to settle your curiosity once and for all. Here’s a breakdown of the four components of the Adventist symbol. 

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The Cross

The symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and a major theme of Adventism. The cross represents the gospel of salvation. Placing the cross in the center of the logo was a deliberate choice made for two reasons: 

  1. Christ’s sacrifice is central to Adventism
  2. It just looks better (this is basic graphic design)


The Book

This open book is (you guessed it!) the Bible. The Bible is placed prominently at the bottom of the logo to represent how God’s word is fundamental to Adventism, propping up everything else. The openness of the book signals acceptance of the written words as well as continued adherence to their teachings. 

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The Flame

This flame is symbolic of the Holy Spirit (the messenger of truth). Note the three lines that make up the flame are circling around an implied globe. This is the three angels of Revelation 14 circling the earth and represents the Adventist commission to take the gospel everywhere. 

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The Second Coming

Now for the tricky part. Notice how the lines of the flame imply upward movement? That’s an intensional allusion to the second coming. The upward motion represents resurrection and one’s ascension to Heaven after the second coming of Christ. 

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This symbol has been around since 1997, and has come to encompass the central focus of the Adventist Church. Although symbols today carry a slightly “corporate” feel, the use of symbols in religion has been around long before the first McDonald’s was built. 

From the Jewish hexagram to the Shinto gate, religion and symbols have a long history together. Sometimes words are just too clunky. The meaning behind an image can be powerful. 

But don’t get too fresh with any of the cool religious symbols you find. Churches protect their trademarks just like everyone else (and sometimes aren’t afraid to sue big over it). No one wants others to co-opt their image and profit from it. 

So there you have it! The Adventist Church is trademark law-savvy and counts among its faithful at least one graphic designer.