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Basic Teachings

Do Adventists Eat Pork? Here is Why (with pics)

Seventh Day Adventists do not consume pork. According to the Bible, Leviticus 11 sets clear the divide between clean and unclean meats. It categorizes animals such as predators and scavengers among the list of animals not to be consumed while allowing for a wide variety of fish, land, and plant-based diets to promote healthy living.

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Diet Beliefs

Do Adventists Eat Goat? The Full Answer

Yes, Adventists do eat goat meat Adventists only eat clean meats. Since goat is classified as clean meat it is edible.

This article explains what meats Adventists can and can’t eat, what the Bible says about eating meats, and what other religions believe about goat meat.

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Coffee vs caffeine and adventism
Diet Beliefs

Do Adventists Drink Coffee? (The Real Answer)*with pics

Adventists are discouraged from drinking coffee and other drinks that may contain caffeine. Tea, soft drinks and CBD are also being discouraged as well as tobacco and alcohol. They believed to have a holistic approach when it comes to their diet. Basically, only put life-enhancing things into your body.

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