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Basic Teachings

Do Adventists Eat Pork? Here is Why (with pics)

Seventh Day Adventists do not consume pork. According to the Bible, Leviticus 11 sets clear the divide between clean and unclean meats. It categorizes animals such as predators and scavengers among the list of animals not to be consumed while allowing for a wide variety of fish, land, and plant-based diets to promote healthy living.

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Basic Teachings

Everything You Need To Know About Adventist Baptism

Adventist Baptisms consists of 4 things/steps: A public display of devotion to Jesus Christ
The individual’s acceptance of Jesus into their heart
Submersion of water
Community & Acceptance
Everything else is just a technicality. But we will go into the depths of history, other religions, and the technicalities of the “Baptism” below… Buckle up!

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